Birdy Birdwhistle, the funniest Bird Whistle

BIRDY is a funny instrument, which you lay at the tip of your tongue. As soon as it is getting wet by saliva, it sticks  to your palate and you can hold it there with your tongue.
Make sure that the yellow notched edge of BIRDY is pointed towards your mouth at the tip of your tongue.

As soon you blow "trough" the whistle and make sounds like "SHOE, TUBE, CHACHACHA and PRRR" you will be able with some practice to imitate any bird sound.

Fool your neighbour and make your dog crazy and amaze your friends!

BIRDY excists over 35 years, is absolutely the best bird whistle there is.

We guarantee that BIRDY is lasting months and mounths.

It is made of the best materials. The luxury box ables you to store the whistle after use, to prevent damage and get rusty.
Check out the video clip:


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Dit is de officiele Website van BIRDY ®

BIRDY ® is our registered brand name. 

Many companies have tried to copy our product and misused our trademarks and logo' can imagine why!

There is no better Birdy Birdwhistle, check it out and be amazed! 

Beware that the "Fake" Birdy Birdwhistles, look the same at first sight, however, they will degenerate in minutes. Mostly made of cardboard and a non working plastic membrane.


Our product BIRDY is a bit more expensive, but last much longer and is the only one, delivered in a protective "luxury box" with instructions in English.

Advised by the official THEMAGICCAFE.COM as the only one and best Bird Whistle on earth!

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